May Mini Retreats


The session will be 2 hours long with a wide range of instruments played to give you a sonic experience and bring you on a Sound Journey you’ll enjoy. Come along 10-15 mins before the session to relax, bring a Mat/blanket/cushion, or you are welcome to use one here. There will be time afterwards for integration and you are welcome to some hot chocolate/tea.You’ll sleep after this one….


Saturday is all about Drums and enjoying the fun and energy from playing together as a group, ideal for beginners and other levels, we’ll have a groovy morning playing rhythms from around the world. Drums are supplied but please bring your own if you have one.


This is a new style session, bringing the meditative and therapeutic benefits of frame drumming to you. We will explore some Native American Rhythms on the day and learn how to connect to the drum. Some drums are supplied and you’re welcome to bring your own.

Booking go here

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