Sound Healing Meditation

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Sound healing Meditation

Relax, unwind & revitalise!

Take some time and give yourself a gift of health and wellbeing.

Using sounds from Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal bowls, Gongs , Native American drums and more, a magical soundcape is created and you are immersed in sound.

The sound waves gently vibrate every cell of the body, providing an internal massage. Tension, pain and anxiety can be released.

The deep resonances of the instruments used can induce a state of relaxation and peace, with subtle frequencies taking the mind into a dreamlike state.

People often leave feeling as though they have had a long deep sleep, with their mind and body feeling rested and relaxed.

It’s an ideal introduction to Sound therapy/meditation/relaxation,
the only thing you need to do is lie/sit, breathe,relax..and let go!

Bring a yoga matt/blanket, plenty provided too!
7.30 and time afterwards to chat / unwind

Investment €12
051 347471

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